B.AWS Lambda


C.AWS Kinesis









Answer: C


AWS Kinesis is an event stream service. Streams can act as buffers and transport across systems for in-order programmatic events, making it ideal for replicating API calls across systems.

A typical Amazon Kinesis Streams application reads data from an Amazon Kinesis stream as data records. These applications can use the Amazon Kinesis Client Library, and they can run on Amazon EC2 instances. The processed records can be sent to dashboards, used to generate alerts, dynamically change pricing and advertising strategies, or send data to a variety of other AWS services. For information about Streams features and pricing, see Amazon Kinesis Streams. Reference: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/kinesis/latest/dev/introduction.html








Question: 64

You are building a Ruby on Rails application for internal, non-production use which uses MySQL as a database. You want developers without very much AWS experience to be able to deploy new code with a single command line push. You also want to set this up as simply as possible. Which tool is ideal for this setup?


A.AWS CloudFormation


B.AWS OpsWorks


C.AWS ELB + EC2 with CLI Push


D.AWS Elastic Beanstalk






Answer: D



Elastic Beanstalk’s primary mode of operation exactly supports this use case out of the box. It is simpler than all the other options for this question.

With Elastic Beanstalk, you can quickly deploy and manage applications in the AWS cloud without worrying about the infrastructure that runs those applications. AWS Elastic Beanstalk reduces management complexity without restricting choice or control. You simply upload your



application, and Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the details of capacity provisioning, load balancing, scaling, and application health monitoring.

Reference: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/latest/dg/create_deploy_Ruby_rails.html








Question: 65

What is the scope of AWS IAM?




B.Availability Zone




D.Placement Group






Answer: A



IAM resources are all global; there is not regional constraint. Reference: https://aws.amazon.com/iam/faqs/







Question: 66

You are building a mobile app for consumers to post cat pictures online. You will be storing the images in AWS S3. You want to run the system very cheaply and simply. Which one of these options allows you to build a photo sharing application without needing to worry about scaling expensive uploads processes, authentication/authorization and so forth?


A.Build the application out using AWS Cognito and web identity federation to allow users to log in using Facebook or Google Accounts. Once they are logged in, the secret token passed to that user is used to directly access resources on AWS, like AWS S3.


B.Use JWT or SAML compliant systems to build authorization policies. Users log in with a username and password, and are given a token they can use indefinitely to make calls against the photo infrastructure.


C.Use AWS API Gateway with a constantly rotating API Key to allow access from the client-side. Construct a custom build of the SDK and include S3 access in it.


D.Create an AWS oAuth Service Domain ad grant public signup and access to the domain. During setup, add at least one major social media site as a trusted Identity Provider for users.









Answer: A




The short answer is that Amazon Cognito is a superset of the functionality provided by web identity federation. It supports the same providers, and you configure your app and authenticate with those providers in the same way. But Amazon Cognito includes a variety of additional features. For example, it enables your users to start using the app as a guest user and later sign in using one of the supported identity providers.


https://blogs.aws.amazon.com/security/post/Tx3SYCORF5EKRC0/How-Does-Amazon-Cogni to-Relate-to-Existing-Web-Identity-Federatio








Question: 67

Your CTO has asked you to make sure that you know what all users of your AWS account are doing to change resources at all times. She wants a report of who is doing what over time, reported to her once per week, for as broad a resource type group as possible. How should you do this?

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