Question: 195

A user has created an ELB with the availability zone US-East-1A. The user wants to add more zones to ELB to achieve High Availability. How can the user add more zones to the existing ELB?

A.The user should stop the ELB and add zones and instances as required

B.The only option is to launch instances in different zones and add to ELB

C.It is not possible to add more zones to the existing ELB

D.The user can add zones on the fly from the AWS console





Answer: D


The user has created an Elastic Load Balancer with the availability zone and wants to add more zones to the existing ELB. The user can do so in two ways:

From the console or CLI, add new zones to ELB;

Launch instances in a separate AZ and add instances to the existing ELB. Reference: az .html





Question: 196

What happens to data on an ephemeral volume of an EBS-backed EC2 instance if it is terminated or if it fails?

A.Data is automatically copied to another volume.

B.The volume snapshot is saved in S3.

C.Data persists.

D.Data is deleted.





Answer: D


Any data on the instance store volumes persists as long as the instance is running, but this data

?is deleted when the instance is terminated or if it fails (such as if an underlying drive has issues). After an instance store-backed instance fails or terminates, it cannot be restored.






Question: 197

A user is sending bulk emails using AWS SES. The emails are not reaching some of the targeted audience because they are not authorized by the ISPs. How can the user ensure that the emails are all delivered?

A.Send an email using DKIM with SES.

B.Send an email using SMTP with SES.

C.Open a ticket with AWS support to get it authorized with the ISP.

D.Authorize the ISP by sending emails from the development account.





Answer: A


Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a standard that allows senders to sign their email messages and ISPs, and use those signatures to verify that those messages are legitimate and have not been modified by a third party in transit.






Question: 198

In AWS CloudHSM, in addition to the AWS recommendation that you use two or more HSM appliances in a high-availability configuration to prevent the loss of keys and data, you can also perform a remote backup/restore of a Luna SA partition if you have purchased a:

A.Luna Restore HSM.

B.Luna Backup HSM.

C.Luna HSM.

D.Luna SA HSM.





Answer: B


In AWS CloudHSM, you can perform a remote backup/restore of a Luna SA partition if you have purchased a Luna Backup HSM.






Question: 199

A user has launched a large EBS backed EC2 instance in the US-East-1a region. The user wants to achieve Disaster Recovery (DR) for that instance by creating another small instance in Europe. How can the user achieve DR?

A.Copy the instance from the US East region to the EU region

B.Use the “Launch more like this” option to copy the instance from one region to another

C.Copy the running instance using the “Instance Copy” command to the EU region

D.Create an AMI of the instance and copy the AMI to the EU region. Then launch the instance from the EU AMI





Answer: D


To launch an EC2 instance it is required to have an AMI in that region. If the AMI is not available

in that region, then create a new AMI or use the copy command to copy the AMI from one region to the other region.






Question: 200

AWS Identity and Access Management is a web service that enables Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to manage users and user permissions in AWS. In addition to supporting IAM user policies, some services support resource-based permissions. Which of the following services are supported by resource-based permissions?

A.Amazon SNS, and Amazon SQS and AWS Direct Connect.


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